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FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
slimful. one delicious, 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water, like before dinner, helps keep me satisfied for hours. so instead of this much, i only need this much. and slimful tastso good... i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing. says people who feel lower in status compensate by buying expensive crap. a researcher at ohio state, go pitt sniffers, have a lesser statute chiewr -- stature for italian suits and homemade beef jerkey. and they say it is true regardless of race. meanwhile in a totally unrelated story this indian dude spent $22,000 on a shirt made of gold to impress the ladies. said the dapper fell law, i know i am not the best looking man in the world, but truly no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt. why does he have to say men or man? >> i don't know if he is a homophobe in that shirt. >> she a handsome guy. he didn't need that gold shirt. >> he could be shirtless. >> do you buy this here re? >> how did they get the money to buy the stuff? >> i think status always means finances which means he is spendi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1